Sammi Mew

{July 21, 2010}   Balance and Soul Food

As i sit here pondering what to make for dinner tonight looking at my bottle of red wine, i read the label – i know! work with me here, and there in a beautifully creative script is the word BALANCE. I could double there turnover just by using that word and marketing the wine to mothers/stressed housewives/ women!!!!!!!!!and the list goes on.

As i’m sure we are all aware it’s a week to pay day and pay day is at the back end of next week (HELP). I’m down to watching my petrol, being very careful about the money i draw from that ATM and trying desperately at the same time not to stress, look flushed, smile or be worried. Yeh!!! in who’s movie.

In my desperation i delved into my late mothers recipe book over the weekend to find that recipe that can make me comfort food, cost effectively and feed the children and family for the week. Depression and wine are a wonderful thing ( I joke) but the problem is solved – and it’s actually healthy answering all the basic food groups. MIND / BODY & SOUL.

Mini Yorkshire puddings with a herb and toad in the hole twist. all or less than R20.00 including VAT
I doubled the recipe and made 24. Six for me to enjoy quietly and peacefully while
I alone sat and watched my ME TIME TV, six i gave to the street children as my act of kindness for Madiba’s Birthday, OK so what do i do with the rest. Five i put in the fridge for my son’s lunch box treat for the week and the rest i frooze – individually wrapped in sandwich zip lock bag’s. These i will bring out at the next dinner party, just to show how cool i am and prove that i can hip up such culinary delight at the drop of a Hat.

To all the Mitchalien Star chefs out there….You should have rather trained under a single mother on a budget!


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